Amazing Facts About Breastmilk

While surfing the net looking for information about breastfeeding, I found some really interesting information about breast milk (not breastfeeding, just the milk alone). I bet you didn’t know at least some of these:


Breast milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is used by the body to manufacture melatonin. Tryptophan levels rise and fall according to maternal circadian rhythms, and when infants consume tryptophan before bedtime, they fall asleep faster. (source)

Macronutrient and energy levels show significant differences between milk samples from mothers of premature infants with different gestational ages, so as to meet different needs of premature infants. (source)

Mama’s body is constantly making the perfect milk for baby.  Milk changes its nutritional profile as baby grows (milk made for a 3 month old is different than for a 9 month old).  Milk can even change day to day—for example, water content may increase during times of hot weather and baby-sickness to provide extra hydration. (source)

The actual make-up of your breast milk changes from feeding to feeding. When your baby first starts feeding, your milk contains mostly lactose and proteins, and is a bluish color. At the end of the feeding, your baby starts drinking hindmilk, which is mostly made up of fat and gives your baby the calories it needs. (source)

Mama’s breasts can detect even a one degree fluctuation in baby’s body temperature and adjust accordingly to heat up or cool down baby as needed.  This is one reason skin-to-skin contact in the early days is so crucial. (source)

There has never been a documented case of a baby being allergic to its own mother’s milk. (source)


3 thoughts on “Amazing Facts About Breastmilk

  1. Very interesting info. Never knew the milk varies after the initial first days. I still breast feed my six months baby at night. I am encouraged to contine.


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