Lice Removing Treatment That Will Nourish Your Scalp and Hair

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After the flu season there’s the lice season… it’s getting warmer and all sorts of animals are waking up from hibernation and multiplying. And if you or your child ever has had lice, you know that these little things are banging good at it (no pun intended 🙂 ). A few of my friends whose children go to school or kindergarten have already posted some teary notes about it.

My little one hasn’t caught them yet, but seeing how little kids, once they learn to walk and run, really rub the elbows (and heads) at the park and the sand pit, I wouldn’t be surprised that one day instead of the old ladies oohing and aahing over Aditya’s hair, it would be an alpha louse: “Oh, look at all that hair! What a jungle gym! That would be a great place to raise a family!”

So before a lousy louse catches a ride, here is a recipe for a preventative spray:

  • 10 drops Tea Tree essential oil (a.k.a. Melaleuca Alternifolia)
  • 10 drops Lavender essential oil 
  • 8 oz spray bottle, filled up with filtered water.

Shake before application. Apply a few sprays after washing. Lice are deterred by the smell, your kids will on the other hand love it.

But we don’t live in an ideal world, so let’s not pretend that any “whatever”-proof spray is 100% effective… sigh… I know, the lice made it! Well, don’t hang your head down yet (oops, another pun???) and make this LICE REMOVING TREATMENT!!! (Yes, I’m screaming it)


  • 1 table spoon of jojoba or olive oil
  • 5 drops Thyme essential oil
  • 5 drops Rosemary essential oil 
  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil 

Massage the mixture into the hair and scalp before bedtime (nap might be too short for this to work completely, but do it if you must at first sighting of lice). Wrap head in towel and leave it on overnight or as long as possible during the day. Repeat until you are sure there is no more sign on the little freeloaders.


Lice are killed by the essential oils and the carrier oil will suffocate the eggs, but all ingredients are excellent as a scalp nourishing mask. Keep brushing lice out daily and you will get rid of them naturally knowing your child’s skin will not suffer (or your own, lice are actually quite non-judgmental when it comes to age).

And where to get essential oils? I prefer and recommend Young Living Essential Oils, especially around children, because of their wonderful guarantees. You can get the oils here.

Oh and one more thing. Don’t reuse that towel…. (and treat your bedding with some heat in your dryer).

Happy lice hunting!

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How to sign up for Young Living Essential Oils



If you clicked here, it means that you are probably interested in trying essential oils. I have spent a few months researching different essential oil companies and found the best quality and customer service in Young Living.

You can get them for 24% discount (wholesale pricing) when you enroll as a Wholesale Member. If you enroll as a customer, you will pay full retail prices. As a Member you will get access to wholesale pricing and a discounted starter kit (this is the only way to get the kit).

When you enroll as a Member, you are becoming a member of a discount club, it’s similar to being in a buying club like CostCo, Sam’s Club etc. Although this type of account is sometimes referred as “Distributor Account”, there is absolute no obligation to become a distributor of the product. You don’t even have any monthly minimums like lots of clubs or distributor based companies have. To keep your Member account active, you only need to spend $50 worth of products a year; in my experience, most Members spend more than that with their first purchase – there, you’re set for the whole year!

Once you experience the oils, your friends and family might want to try them too. If you decide to share them with others, this gives you an opportunity to earn commissions. But that is up to you. If you do not want to have anything to do with the distributing side, you can always refer your friends to this page. I can help them with any questions and setting a new account.

If you’re ready to start, click on this enrollment form (if the page isn’t loading, try this link).

Make sure that you select Wholesale Member.

Check that number 2422698 appears in both Sponsor ID and Enroller ID boxes (if not, please type it in). If you don’t enroll with my number, I won’t be able to give you access to my support and help you with questions or training how to use the products.

STEP 1 – fill out your personal information and set your account username and pin.

STEP 2 – select your starter kit. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit, because that is the only one that gets you 11 oils (!!!), diffuser AND samples of oils and Ningxia Red, plus educational materials to start with. Hands down best value. You can choose between home diffuser kit and bamboo diffuser kit (that one is $10 more expensive, but the bamboo diffuser is a looker:).

STEP 3 – Essential Rewards… you can skip this step for now, although I’m sure you will want to read on about it a bit later. Essential Rewards are a way to earn free oils and products 🙂 Some basic information is right here.

With your first order, you are already getting so much! But you can still add other products to your order. You will have a chance to review everything before finalizing your purchase.

To learn how to start with your brand new box of oils, I will be here for any questions and as a support. I can also add you to a private FaceBook group, where oil users share their tips, recipes and more. You can search, ask questions and interact as much or as little as you wish to.

Here is also access to a free Essential Oil Starter Guide.

If you ever decide to try the “business side” of oils, I will be with you 100% of the way providing training, free marketing materials and much more to set you up for success. But wait first when you try the oils – you will fall in love! Consider this a fair warning 🙂

So what are you getting in the Premium Starter Kit again?

  • The whole Everyday Oils Collection (10 oils, as a collection available for $170.72).
  • Home diffuser (separately sold for $83.88) or Bamboo diffuser ($111.51).
  • Bottle of Citrus Fresh blend.
  • Samples of Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Thieves and Peace & Calming oils.
  • 2 samples of Ningxia Red drink.
  • Brochures with information about the oils in your kit, Young Living company and more.

This all for $150 is a great value, but you can’t possibly put a price on the way this kit alone can change your life, health and values.

If you feel more attracted to the other options of Premium Starter Kits, you can choose the NingXia Red & NingXia Nitro kit or Thieves kit (with amazing cleaning and personal hygiene products).

When you’re done setting up your account, adding other products besides the Starter Kit (if you wish to), you will need to confirm your payment, then you will receive a confirmation email. Congratulations, now sit back and wait for the little box of wonder!



UPDATE 02/02/2016

NEW Premium Starter Kit has a few new oils, even more exciting than the last version! Also check out all the new diffusers you can add to your kit.

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Killing Cockroaches the Natural Way


This post has been edited Oct. 11, 2016 to erase one ineffective recipe with a different one 🙂

Love thy neighbour… But not the freeloaders that came with him!
Our new neighbour moved in with some unwanted baggage – roaches. YUCK!

I am calm at the sight of blood and most other things that lift people’s blood pressure in general, but when it comes to some critters, I scream bloody murder! (OK, this was not intentional, but did you notice I used the word ‘blood’ three times in one sentence? I promise, there will be no more blood in this post:) Cockroaches do that twice to me, because I think they’re dirty.

I need to get rid of them ASAP – the more you wait, the more (cockroaches) you gain. But I don’t want to use any chemicals, especially now with baby in the house.

So I turned to my trusted resource – essential oils. I used to have them for cleaning and skincare a lot before I was pregnant, then I avoided most of them during pregnancy (I will explain more in some future post, there is a lot to say) and when my son arrived, I still didn’t use them as much as before to make sure he won’t get some reaction. Now with our new tenants, I’m rolling my sleeves up and I will spare not one!

Roaches and most other insects hate the smell of some essential oils (chilled citronella, Mr. Mosquito?). So spraying a well diluted mixture of the right oils can serve as a good prevention. Peppermint oil is quite universal, combined with other oils, it’s da bomb! Roaches in general hate citrus oils and mint oils (spearmint, peppermint etc.) and die on ingestion.

Preventative spray for roaches:

  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 8 drops cypress oil OR tea tree OR citronella oil
  • 10 drops peppermint oil

Cockroaches killer spray (if they already invaded your precious home):

  •  1/2 cup saltwater (1 tbsp sea salt in 1/2 cup water)
  • 10 drops cypress oil
  • 10 drops peppermint oil

Mix your oils and water in a spray bottle and spritz corners and hideaway places in your home (roaches tend to like dark and moist corners). Spray also your entry door frame to cut them off before they knock!

I have previously (before the Oct. 11, 2016 edit) recommended a different recipe that turned out to be quite ineffective. Well, here is something we tried and it worked: diatomaceous earth. You can apply it anywhere in your house except for areas that are consistently damp or wet. Apply along any places that can be an entry way for the bugs, where food and food remnants can be dropped; and seal off any cracks or holes where they could be hiding during the day.

You can also add cotton balls with Thieves blend into AC vents to purify your air and assure that roaches won’t be hiding there.

Happy ‘hunting’!

When using essential oils, exercise precaution like with any other chemicals. They are very (I should type VERY) potent and can be harmful to pets and children if swallowed. Do not spray on food, dishes or near open food containers.

As a source for good quality essential oils, I recommend Young Living Essential Oils.