This Baby Is Going to Grow Up

This baby is going to grow up.

One day he will be a toddler. Then a kid. And as he is meeting new milestones every day, he is “forgetting” some things in the process. And I will be missing those baby things. This post is for all the mothers, who wish their baby stays a newborn:)

How many times I heard since Aditya was born “Aaaah, I wish to have a baby again. Maybe we’ll have a second one (third/ fourth… pick what suits your situation). I just miss having a tiny baby.” Well, you had one (two/ three… pick…) and they ALL GROW UP. They do. You’ll never be stuck with a baby foreva, sister. Must I remind you??? Keep your friends close and eventually one of them will have a baby. And then you can coo and aaah, but when they start crying, you can return them back to their mama.

I have just returned from a birthday celebration. The honoree turned 5. His friends are 5 or so. When I arrived, the celebrant was crying. He wanted to open his presents. Daddy said OK, so he opened a few of them. Two more kids started crying. They wanted what he had and they wanted to play with the presents. So Mummy said “we’ll open the rest at home.” Another kid started crying. He picked the present himself and wanted to see what his friend says when he opens it. Another kid is crying because his brother is crying. So by now about half of the kids are crying. “Let’s have some more cake!”
And after the cake the kids are playing. One is crying, because another hit him. The hitter is crying because he doesn’t want to say sorry.

So this is what I’m supposed to be looking forward to? I wish this baby stayed small like this, I thought. Naaaah, do I really want to miss all the new things he will show me and teach me every single day? Nope. I can’t wait when he turns 5 and all the kids will be crying at his birthday celebration.

This baby is going to grow up. And it’s OK.

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