Blogging about parenthood – WHY?

Parenthood changes your life. Every mama knows it. Every papa knows it. Why would I want to blog about it? Especially if I’m not the only one!
Well… because I’m a mama. And the world has changed. And I’m at home with this little mini-me and I want to tell somebody and everybody how it feels.
But mainly because I have a million questions. Every single day. And I’m looking for answers, reading books and magazines and “googling” all day long (oh, let’s make this clear right away – “all day long” means about an hour a day in total, between feedings, diaper changes, playtime, walks outside and ‘etcetera’). So many people have done it (being a parent), the answers are clearly there. But with every person comes a theory and an opinion and like most mamas I’m looking for the best. Or at least the good enough;)
And maybe you are a mama and are looking for the same answers. Let’s search together. Maybe I will help you with some of the questions we all have. Maybe you’ll slap me and help ME.

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